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Track your website visitor's with the Google Analytics app.

About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is by far the most popular analytics tool on the market. It may even be the single most valuable free tool a website owner can add to their site. There’s very little reason not to add Google Analytics to every site you manage.

Device Compatibility

Google Analytics tracks your all user, Although they are coming from differnt divices. Google Analytics gives you accurate analytic results independent of user device.

Device Compatibility

Generate more Views and more Revenue

Using Google Analytics you can get in depth information about who is visiting your site over time, how they’re finding your site, and what they’re doing when they get there. Use this information to tune your content to your audience, measure the success of your campaigns and generate more views and more revenue.

Device Compatibility

Track Your Users

Visitor and referral tracking shows you how many visitors you haveand where they’re coming from. Goals allow you to define what actions on your site translate to revenue, and track them over time.

Device Compatibility

Set Rules to Display your Google Analytics

Now Control the behaviour of Google Analytics by setting different combinations of Display Rules. You can decide at whichpage you want to enable Google Analytics on your site.

Device Compatibility

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